IPv6 Proxies

IPv6 proxies are commonly used across the web, but are not as universally accepted as IPv4. The website(s) you are looking to use your IPs must be IPv6 compatible in order for them to work. We currently have 2 locations with completely different sets of ranges for all of your Ipv6 proxy needs!

IPv6 Static

Static IPv6 proxies allow you access to an IP without the benefit of rotating. If unlimited rotating isn’t a necessity for you, then this cheaper option is best for you!

Price: $.10 per proxy, per month
Location: UK and the Netherlands. USA coming soon!

IPv6 Dedicated

When you choose unlimited rotating IPv6 proxies, you have nearly unlimited IPs. Get a new IP every day, hour, minute or second from incredibly large IP ranges and 2 different countries.

Price: $.50 per proxy, per month
Location: UK and the Netherlands. USA coming soon!


Multiple Fast and Powerful Servers

Our servers located all over the world are fully dedicated and support multi-gigabit, and low latencies.


All proxies include our custom made anti-detection features. These allow you to avoid fingerprinting that can give you away even on ”Elite” proxies.

Proxy Types and Authorization

We offer both SOCKS5 and HTTP(s) proxy types. IPv6 proxies require IP authorization.

No Bandwidth Limits

There are no limitations on bandwidth. Use our proxies how ever you want!

Amazing Experience

From our easy to use dashboard, to our dedicated and informative support staff, your experience using our proxy services will exceed your expectations.

Our Guarantee for Downtime

If there are server issues or downtime on our end, we will extend all affected proxies 8x the downtime. So if a location is down for 1 day, all current proxies will be extended for 8 days!